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Scrolling, liking, ignoring, passive reading, and the rare click to engage further. Is this mindless image viewing or an incredibly personalized viewing experience? This collection is a categorization of both conscious and unconscious visual imagery. Conscious - as there are political motivators to associate with and navigate the current academic fine art world of which I am associated. Work and play intermingle within social media. The following of a person, organization, or brand, is not always a strategic chess move, but a showing of solidarity, kindness, interest, and/or mutual respect. Unconscious - as humans gravitate to basic desires and simple aesthetics. We find satisfaction in the symmetry of architecture, comfort and memory association with food, and other purely basic, Maslovian-driven theories, such as social stability and sex. Through scrolling and noticing patterns, categories naturally develop. #CREATIVE #FEELGOOD # FOLIAGE #FOOD #POLITICS #SHELTER. There are more, and they overlap and change, however these are stable. 
Day to day schedules have come to a halt, with an eventual shuffling of priorities, due to Covid-19. This project would never have been conceived if screen time had not exponentially increased, and 24 hour time had not become so fluid in nature. With a current ‘follow’ number of 1171 (@squirrelpigeonfish, July 2020), postings have been sampled and sorted into six chapters.
Plotter drawings.
The selected outputs are reduced to paths, or contour renderings, decided areas of where tonal ranges shift in a raster image. There is a resemblance to the original posting, yet gradients are simplified, flats are highlighted, and what becomes most visible is what is often overlooked from a field of saturated pixels. 
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