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A selection of recent and prominent endeavors of curation, from portfolio exchanges through to full exhibitions and special opportunities.


Image: Jenny Robinson

McColl Center - Charlotte, NC

Printmaking is a vehicle for capturing the essence of our surroundings. This exhibition evokes a profound sense of pause. Through meticulous techniques and deliberate artistic choices, the artists coax viewers to engage in a momentary retreat from the frantic pace of modern life. The physical nature of printmaking and its constant battle between a graphic or textured response, invites tactile exploration, encouraging visitors to speculate on the how.

Exhibition Images & Virtual Artist Talks

Ariadna Abadal Lloret         Art Wegner         Dave DiMarchi
Devon Stackonis         Emma Nishimura         Ericka Walker
Jamaal Barber         Jenny Robinson

Screenprint: Beyond DIY Culture

The rich history of screen-based printing is the ideal medium when addressing industry, mass-production, economic restrictions, speed, incorporation of advancements in technology, and popular culture. These facts are nothing new. Screenprint is also the most accessible, DIY, and effective way of making a print that is precise, bold, and colorful.

Artists are asked to resist and revolt, while using the power of print, by challenging the MAPC 2022 theme with a new twist. Elevate the preconceptions and DIY culture of screenprint by focusing on layers, technology, precision, ink modifiers, surface variation, and concept. Consider the exact terminology used and incorporate them into your own research practice:


Resistance - push and pull, a barrier, not giving in to threat, temptation, a stance, oil and vinegar, masks, layers, blocking light


Revolution - turning the tables, more than an uprising, a message, a vision, a different way or direction, new approaches


Power - with or without it, force, electrical, steam, political, physical, mental, water pressure

Portfolio Images

Victoria Marie Barquin     Thomas J. Logan

Sheila Goloborotko     Myles Calvert     Mizin Shin

Lisa Turner     Justin Diggle     Justin D. Barfield

Jessie Hornbrook     Heather Huston     Dave DiMarchi

Christina and Dennis Jacobs     Chloe Strang     Ashley Fuchs

 Arron Foster     Alison Filley     Alexis Kurtzman


Image: Justin Diggle


Image: Alfred University

Providence and Pawtucket, RI
Southern Graphics Council International Conference 2024

The progression of technology often paves the way for integration and adaptation, giving rise to new norms and practices. Innovations such as CNC routers, laser engravers, heat sublimation image transfer, and AI have expanded the possibilities of printmaking while raising critical questions: are these advancements propelling printmaking forward, or are they veering off into a distinct category of their own? How do these developments prompt us to reconsider the definition of authorship and challenge our preconceptions about the role of human creativity in the artistic domain?

Panel and exhibition co-chaired with Lari Gibbons.

Exhibition Images

Jason Ruhl         Mary Claire Becker

Raluca Iancu         Kathryn Combs

Lari Gibbons     Myles Calvert

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